Tuesday, September 06, 2005


16th August --Thought 4 the Week:
“God’s laws are not inventions. Even God does not invent right and wrong. Truth and right are founded in His own changeless being. God’s laws are merely descriptions of true reality. They tell us from His perspective what is truly right and fit and good. For example if we took at a bottle of cyanide and put a new label “Jelly beans” on it. If you ate it, you would still die instantly. But you wouldn’t know why. The label does not create what is in the bottle; it simply defines it.
God has told us what is right and good and what is stupid and wrong. We can discover this truth, do it and live; or we can reject it and be destroyed as individuals, families and nations. God is only after two things for your life –that you be happy and holy. And He knows that you cannot be really happy until you are holy.” Adapted from “Fire on the Horizon” by Winkie Pratney

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