Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Removing stuff

2nd August--Thought 4 the Week:
“There are other ways to cut yourself off from evil, though none of them as scary as cutting off your hand or gouging out your eye. (Matt 18:8-9) Seen in the light of permanent death to our most significant body parts, what does it matter if we say goodbye to a cherished friend, habit, commitment that gets in the way of our devotion to God?

In the great days of evangelism, missions and revival 200 hundred years ago, the Church would call for repentance of five things:
1. Sin, a self-centered attitude of heart and Life
2. The Flesh, an addictive focus on emotional gratification through our 5 senses
3. The World, our lives without God at its center that demands our time & loyalty
4. The Devil, any demonic, occultic involvement
5. Our own righteousness, the ‘good’ things of our lives we have never surrendered to God.
Real trust in God involves giving up anything and everything that vies for allegiance to Christ.”
What are you prepared to part with? (Excerpt from “Fire on the Horizon” by Winkie Pratney)

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