Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Authentic Life

27th September--Thought 4 the Week :
Okay so last week we explored the idea that people in general really do want to know what makes life worthwhile.
Why is it then that so many aren’t interested in coming to church or listening to a Gospel presentation?
I believe that the answer to this is what they don’t want to know. They don’t want to know memorized answers, or religious sayings that don’t really make sense to everyday living. They don’t want to hear about the dos and don’ts of religion. They don’t want to know what you should do when they can see that no one is doing it anyway. In fact they probably don’t want to hear anything.
What will tell others that life has a worthwhile meaning is whether or not our own life portrays and lives out meaning. Do we really live out what we believe or is it just something that we just go along with. Can I challenge us all this week to take the time to think about what we believe, and then go that little bit deeper and ask why. Because that will then cause us to be authentic in how we live.

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