Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Life Worthwhile

20th September--Thought 4 the Week :
I found this song the other day... "Everybody's looking for a one way system As if there's only one way out of this prison Everybody's looking for that one piece of wisdom As if there's just one answer to all of our problems And the biggest one way of all the one ways The central circulating poo Is m o n e y, oh why? Why oh why, oh my oh my, all mine They steal our lives and sell them back to us And palm us off with the freedom of choice The choice of a million and one lifestyles Built on a billion and one false smiles And life giving pills, philosophies, and products All of which claim to be the one for us All mine, mine, make it mine, make it worth my while Make it worth my while, and maybe then I’ll think about it Make it worth my while, and I’ll see what I can do."
Wow, this really grabbed me, because we all tend to think about the reason behind life every now & again and without God our life makes absolutely no sense. (John 14:6) And then if I fully believe this am I letting others know what makes life worthwhile? Because like this song suggests they do really want to know.
(Part Two next week -- "What they don’t want to know!")

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