Monday, December 06, 2010

Purify my heart

A couple of weeks ago we sang this song at church, and since then I have kinda noticed that God is really starting to dig away stuff and do what I asked Him to -- to purify me.  Its a dangerous request, and it hasn't been at all comfortable!
I know for sure that God is digging out a stump in my garden, I just don't understand what it is, and how to help it get out faster.  I do believe though that once it is gone, there will be a release that I need, and a new growth period.
In the meantime, God is faithfully, little by little answering prayers, and revealing to us what He has in store for us next year.  Today Jon was offered a 3day a week Music job -- that has just become available.
Although at times scary, it is exciting to be walking with God.  He is a good God, and I totally trust Him as my Father :-)

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