Monday, November 29, 2010

A pillar of cloud & prayers answered

Although I have been struggling lately with our 'unsettledness' and other issues related to settling into a new place, it is amazing really what God is teaching me, and how he is so faithfully answering our prayers!

**About a week ago as I was teaching at the school my nephews go to I asked a few questions about any permanent relieving days, and was told they were all covered for next year.  I prayed about it, and asked God to change that circumstance if He wanted me to work there. Less than a week later the Principal rang and told us she needed a person to cover her release day every Friday for next year!  Praise the Lord I now have 1 day a week at that school.  Amazing :-)

**On the weekend while spending some time with God, I was asking him to give us a really clear sign as to where we should be for the next 5-10 years (so we can actually start to bear fruit in a ministry) whether here or in Ukraine, or where?  Just a sign so I can know.  It was like He replied, that if I knew what was going to happen within the next 5-10 years I would start to get bored.  He wants me to move & groove with Holy Spirit as He leads, and that will keep me fresh.  If we had it all laid out for a few years, we would become stale.  It was then He gave me a picture of the pillar of cloud that Israel had while in the wilderness.  I felt God saying that He had a cloud for us, and that at the moment it was standing still, but that when He wanted us to move, then we would see and know that the cloud was moving.  But for now, be content, do what the Holy Spirit is laying on your heart, and wait for God to move the cloud.  Great & so re-assuring revelation for me!

**Yesterday we realised that we would need to move if we wanted our own space, and we were wondering how we would cover the rent.  We decided to pray about it. I started looking for a cheap place to rent up this way, and of course came up with nothing even remotely close to this area, or a price we could afford.  As we talked more about it, we realised that the answer was right under our own noses.  Jon's parents have a portacom across the road, that is small but prefect (esp the rent -- its free!) for what we need right now.  It will give us our own space, and a place to make into a home -- of sorts.  It's funny how God works, but I love living more and more dependent on Him rather than having everything all sown up.  Great learning curves!

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