Thursday, May 06, 2010

Social Justice

A thought thread that has been running through my head for the past week or so is the idea of social justice.  Quite a few things have contributed to this...
Check out their website
The Cappuccino Club, sponsoring university students in the Philippines
Christian Enterprise in Kargarlyk, Ukraine (our neighboring town)

As I have read/watched each of these organisations I have to ask the question "What is required of me?"  Like I said in my other blog I really want to strive to have my faith as the center of my life and action, not an appendage.  The verse that comes to mind is Micah 6:8
1.  Walk humbly with God -- foundation to everything else
2.  Love mercy -- my attitude to others
3.  DO justly -- the action (especially to the foreigner, orphan, widows & poor)

I know God is working on me in this area...I think this is one of the latest papers that I have been enrolled in.  I really need a lot of work in these 3 areas.
I was reminded again when watching "Faith Like Potatoes" that my relationship with God is the foundation for anything else.  It all spills from this.
I was also reminded the other day that my attitude needs to be "I have been forgiven much -- so I should forgive a LOT." 
In regards to the 3rd one (which is no good unless the first 2 are in place) I was challenged by this...Are we in love with the idea of helping so much that it blinds us from helping?? Especially watch the 8-16 min mark in this video...

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