Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jonos sermon

God has shown me HUGE mercy. He has freed me, turned my life around, given me a second chance and cleared my debt.

What should I do in response?
Freely received, I should freely give!
I need to show mercy to my fellow men, the little things they owe me (time, money, frustration, kindness etc) I should be merciful. Not let them walk over me, but the balance is to forgive and show mercy for the first response.

Demanding life to revolve around me should not be part of my behaviour.  This is not my dialect.

The woman showed her love for God. The righteous man was cold.

The situation was that Jesus had these people in his sphere. Do I have people in my sphere that need God?
Messy spirituality. Cutting edge of life. The sharpening of my faith.

I want this, not really sure what it looks like practically... Lord show us, lead us, guide us.
May we be merciful and characterised by being friends of sinners.

There is nothing I can do to earn Gods mercy and grace. It was a free gift.
Don't charge others for this mercy and grace.  It should be passed on free of charge.

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