Sunday, May 30, 2010

Worship as a lifestyle

This can be likened to a marriage relationship. We spend our lives pleasing and loving each other and it's not something we even think about or plan or have to do. One of the crescendos of this love is outworked in the marriage bed. Sometimes we can approach this time as if we push the right buttons then we get a euphoric experience for ourselves.

Worship is the same. Our lives should reflect the love we have for God and it should be an integral part of our reactions and life. It shouldn't be something we have to force ourselves to do or plan. Worship service on Sunday can sometimes be seen as the crsecendo of our love for God. If we approach this with the idea of pushing the right buttons so we can have a mountain top experience then this is empty and also selfish. It should be an overflow of our whole life, and a corporate time to show our love to God. It will only be as good as our daily relationship...just the same as the marriage bed is only as good as our daily loving relationship with our partner.

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