Tuesday, March 06, 2007

28 -- A memorable year!

I have a theory that every 7 years a new era dawns…a new season in life starts. I can feel a new season starting for me…I have changed & grown so much in the past year…and I just know that things will be taking a different direction in the next 7 years to come.

God has really been teaching me things this year… I have been challenged in my thinking & a new focus for life has started to emerge.

I have come to see money & stuff as not important…and don’t need to be clung to!

I have been challenge to not be ashamed of God & that I should live my life as follower of Him out in the open.

I have realized how fast & short life is that I should be focuses on eternal things & making a difference in that realm.

I have also come to realize how significant I am & how much I am loved.

We want to serve God 100% and so we are preparing to do this in Ukraine. My friend gave me this encouragement the other night… “God has reminded me in the past that He will show Himself faithful & in difficult decisions such as these, you need to move forward with the info you have now & God will direct you as you move, not as you stand still!”

So as we plan & dream for life in Ukraine, we know that God is with us, loves us & will direct & provide for us!


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