Monday, March 19, 2007

FREE accommodation

Had a really interesting revelation today during church. The topic was…You are invited. And we were reminded that God invites himself to our place…to spend time with us in ‘our zone’ all the while He is preparing for us place in an eternal venue. As I got to thinking about this eternal venue He was preparing, I was reminded of times I have booked accommodation in the past years…and how I try to get a good deal with all the extras for the best amount of money…but really you only ever get what u pay for! So that makes me think two ways, firstly how awesome heaven is going to be, yet I don’t have to pay any bills (God has paid it for me – what an awesome package deal!)… and secondly that the time & money I spend down here on earth should be as investment for not just my place up there, but other peoples & so other people get to enjoy it also. Kinda like us here in UK saving now, to ‘send back home’, that kind of investment. We make our decisions based on that, we live our lifestyle around that, & our recreation & other luxuries come second to our saving. Kinda puts things into perspective really. I have come to see more clearly how to live life with a heavenly perspective.

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Grant & Mandy said...

live life with a heavenly perspective that rings true with me too.