Sunday, January 21, 2007

Busy but not effective, tidy but not used

I was challenged today with this idea. I think so often I have been guilty of creating a busy & comfortable lifestyle that has the right stuff and looks good, but isn’t actually effective toward the Kingdom of God big picture vision. To quote Phil Callaway…“Jesus came to comfort us, not to make us comfortable. I guess I've been comforted enough; it's time to offer some to others. That you would live life on purpose. That my children will hear God's voice despite a noisy culture, and that they will obey.”

Really what I have been challenged with is a departure from selfish living. In looking out for myself & how things are for me, making sure I am happy & safe & have good memories (& a hot shower!) My priorities & what i focus on in life in this last year have been forced to be reviewed. Phil also goes onto say... “But is safety what we're here for? Isn't Complacency the most dangerous place on earth? Isn't Suburbia sucking the life out of our teenagers more than any foreign country ever could?”

I don’t think I can stress how much of an eye-opener & life-changing experience it is for people to get out of their comfort zones & explore other cultures & the world. In NZ we are so isolated, that it requires more effort, but it is certainly worth it.

I am reminded of the Proverb about the well being clean where there are no oxen, but with the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest. We can choose comfortable, clean & tidy lives over messy, unpredictable selfless living, but we do so in exchange for fruit & harvest – the only things in life that really matter. I know what I want to choose, & I pray that others will keep me accountable to this!

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Dad & Mum said...

Amen! Ruth Ellen. And we will / do pray for you as you step out into the unknown with your hand safely held in our loving Father's Hand - we can TRUST HIM. Much love,
Dad & Mum