Monday, January 15, 2007

"Catching the fire"

I read this really thought-provoking small book the other day. It was “Catching the Fire” by Don Fleming. I happened to pick it up, and it really grabbed my interest because everything he said rang true in my heart with my thoughts, frustrations & questions about church that I have had in the past decade.

The proportion of the book discussed the blockages the western church has in regards to authentic Christianity. These include, convenience, fervent prayer, our view of the world, expectation of a pain-free life, walking by faith, mistaking sophistication for maturity, giving, hospitality, personal ambition, how we view our time, and the Word of God.

As I read each of these I agreed and things suddenly started to come clear. It wasn’t the particular church we were attending in NZ that had it ‘wrong’, it was that the whole system of church & Christianity in the west that has become a lukewarm sickness. The refreshing I have felt in the ‘developing world’ has been the fire & authenticity of a hot relationship with God. I really have no desire whatsoever to go back to the ‘western’ church setting. I feel that if we were to sink back into that mould, we would not grow to our full potential. Although there are lots of things to be thankful within the western church setting, I believe that the food we need at this time is fresh green natural vegetables & water from a simple ‘non-western’ lifestyle. Anymore rich meats & other goodies would continue the sickness that I have been ill with for awhile. I am so glad I have been made aware of what has been wrong with me, and now have a new prescription for spiritual life.

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Grant & Mandy said...

this has encouraged me to delve deeper into what makes us more authentic in the western world... bless you rufus