Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We need others

22nd November--Thought 4 the Week :

Wow, we had an awesome time on Sunday at Youth Church. It would be cool to hear how you were spoken to etc, why not comment on the website??
I was reading yesterday in Proverbs 28:13, it talks about confessing your sins, which is exactly what we did on Sunday at Youth Church. We confessed them, and asked for forgiveness. But the interesting part of the verse is that it goes onto say that we also need to give them up, leave and forsake them. It is one thing to confess them & ask God for forgiveness, but another to then stop doing what we have been that is wrong, we need each other to help us with this. On Sunday Mark Smith spoke about making a covenant with each other to help keep the fire burning, may I also encourage you to do so. Let’s not get sucked into the Kiwi way of thinking we can make it on our own, we need each other to help us walk in God’s way everyday. Let’s be REAL AUTHENTIC this week, including the way we are honest with each other and not afraid to ask for help!

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