Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Powerful Stories

15th November--Thought 4 the Week :
I watched a DVD last week of Michael Frost (pastor of Small Boat Big Sea check it out at --www.smallboatbigsea.org ) and he was talking about how powerful stories are. He made the comment that it isn't nice feelings, or lovely emotions that kept the Israelites going when times were tough, but instead it was the story of the Passover & what God had done for them, and therefore what He was going to do. And it’s the same with us. We have an awesome story of what God has done for us at the cross – the amazing sacrifice & severe pain that He went through. This is what gives us the strength to go on, and the endurance to push through. We need to be constantly telling this story and reminding ourselves and others that this is what is so important about our faith. This is the one & only central and all-important story that makes our life story worth living.
This week at Youth Church we have a chance to reflect on and celebrate this. Come ready to the hear this story again, re-told in a different way.

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