Monday, January 03, 2011

A revelation/answer?

Not long after my previous post, my thoughts took me on a garden path trail that lead me to thinking about children's camps and our desire to either manage or be a part of this kind of thing.  As I reflected on this I recognized that when we are dreaming about this or being a part of youth & children's ministry that is when we feel alive.  It then really dawned on me -- a revelation or maybe an answer to my previous questions -- that our passions awaken life & purpose within our souls.  And that when we are not pursuing them it leads to depression and a numbness or death within us.  I felt really strongly that we need to pursue our dreams and passions, that we should follow these things that God has placed in our hearts.  That people are important and will be an integral part of our lives, but that we shouldn't make future decisions or placements based on people or relationships.  Because these will always change, grow and move then we are left wondering.  But if we base our decisions based on what God has placed in our hearts then it is something solid to always go back to.  Sure, people are very important, and not to be treated lightly or like resources, and they will journey with us along the way, some for a short time, and others for longer.
The other thing that I realized after this, is that we can also be encouragers in other people's lives to keep on pursing the dreams and goals that God has placed in their hearts.  We are all so good at getting comfortable and sitting on our dormant goals and dreams.  Another facet of our lives and camping ministry can be to encourage others to pursue what God has created them to do, to live their lives following their passions and dreams.  I found this picture the other day that makes this very point and is a great reminder to not succumb to everyday numbness!

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