Monday, April 10, 2006

Micah 6:8

What does the Lord require of me?  What am I suppose to do in this life?  I need to do justly, not just do, but be honest about it, and make sure it is just.  I need to love mercy, care for those who are in need, and care also for their souls.  And I need to walk humbly with my God. 
The order of these requirements need to go from the bottom up.  I need to firstly and fore mostly walk humbly with my God, otherwise my love for mercy and cry for justice will be cantered in myself and how I see things should be working out.  Walking humbly with my God requires immersion in His Word, and time spent in His presence, the ability to learn and grow from others and the objectivity to look at myself and see how I fit into God's scheme of things, not the other way round.  It is about putting God in the centre of my life, submitting to His ways and following His commands.  It is a life lived as His servant.
To love mercy requires us to act. Loving is not passive, if we really love mercy we will act loving toward those in need.  We will give off our time & resources for those who are hurting, hungry and in need of love. This maybe in the physical, emotional and also the spiritual arena.  This is the real love in action part of our lives.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and where people will know we walk humbly with our God by our actions that ooze of His love and care.  They will know how much we care, and then will want to know why!
To do justly gives the edge to the rest and defines the whole arrangement.  This is not just a walk-over love, this requires a thought process and supernatural understanding of they way things should work out.  It requires a discerning and a wisdom that will bring things to light that would otherwise be hidden.  It is the necessary tool to bring lasting and long-term healing to situations.  This is the part of our lives where you need to be sensitive but also courageous, where prayer is the most powerful lubricant and where God's ways can be see very clearly without any doubt.  People will not wonder what we are about and why things are the way they are when doing justly is one of our values. 
God working through us will give us love, care & compassion for the care and cure of souls, with the temperance of justice that is need to bring situations to complete healing. 
This is my prayer and desire for us as we head off on the journey with God in our family.

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Jethro said...

im getting worried about you rufus
that sounded way to wise to be you!
i like your writing - its very refreshing to hear you exorcising some demons at last
heres a hint - 2 actually
1) make very certain that you know aht is the absolute ground zero - what are the beliefs that you will NEVER lose no matter how much searching you do - fall back position when your world is shaken
2) be open to explore all possibilities - well most anyway. Just because you believe something doesn't mean some one else does, and doesnt mean your view is right.
There is not a lot of black and white out there, but theres a heck of a lot of shades of gray - hence the importance of hint 1

love you doof - have fun!