Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One thing to remember

13th December--Thought 4 the Week :
Wow, this is my last weekly email to you all (sob sob). So I think I better say something profound, so here goes… “If the world caved in around me, to You I will still hold on, cos You’re all that I believe, You’re the one that created me, Jesus because of You – I’m free!”
If I can pass anything on to you, or that you will remember one thing from the time we have been involved with Litehouse youth ministries, that would be that the one and only thing that matters in life is your relationship with God. If you have a personal relationship with Him, and are developing that each day through prayer and reading the Bible, cos you want to and love to, then absolutely everything else flows out from this. If you stand firm on that and purpose to live you life only for God, then you will know true purpose and fulfillment. My prayer is that you will all stand strong, that you won’t be distracted by stuff that doesn’t last, and that you will help each other to do the same. May God bless you as you choose the best path of a lifelong relationship with Him.
“Just live your life with God inside, and you won’t regret one moment of it.”

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