Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Extra ordinary gifts

7th December--Thought 4 the Week :
I had a big clean out at home the other day and came across a pamphlet from TEAR Fund, that I had received last year. It was entitled “Extraordinary Gifts” and displayed gifts like goats, & cows etc that I could purchase as a Xmas gift for someone in another country. This idea struck me as something quite practical and significant in another person’s life.
We have been challenged this year to look past our own community and REAL authentic in our faith by showing God’s love to those around us.
Maybe this is a way you can practically care for someone who is less fortunate than us. You know how much you hate a mosquito buzzing around your head at night? Well, you could purchase a mosquito net for $7 and a family in Cambodia who sleeps under it dramatically reduces the risk of contracting malaria. Or you could purchase safe water for a child for $5. A Bible is $20, a goat, $50, a pig $45. I have plenty of brochures, if you would like one, please just ask, or you could also visit
Let’s give a gift this Xmas that counts for eternity rather than one that ends up in next year’s garage sale.

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