Thursday, August 05, 2010

I want to be a harvest hand

I lack purpose when I just live life. I feel frustrated and aimless.
The times in my life were I have felt fulfilled is when I am in the midst of the harvest. When I know I am making a difference in peoples lives. I feel useful and needed.

I wonder just like a natural harvest if things come and go in seasons. Whether Jesus meant for us to be involved and busy in a harvest then a bit of downtime (winter) for rest.
It is this time that I find the hardest. Sitting around, if I can be planning and dreaming this helps, but the longer the period of inactivity for me, the harder it is to keep motivated again.

Ask you Lord to speak clearly in regards to camping here in Ukraine and specifically the one near Karhylyk.
Possibility of 3 camps a year and winter in another place...God please direct -- your will not mine.

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