Thursday, October 01, 2009

Signs & Wonders fuel God's Light

I was reflecting today on a comment made to me the other day about our church having a celebratory meal to thank God for what He has done this year.
As I thought about this I realized that it is not about what God has done this year...but more like 'what have we allowed God to do this year?' A famous man once said, "The world has yet to see what God can do through one man wholly committed to Him." God is willing and wanting to work amongst His people, but we have to open that door and allow Him to work amongst us.
The question could be asked us "How much have we allowed the Holy Spirit to change us, shine through us this past year?" Although it is early for the New Year and looking back on the past year, it is always a good time for a spiritual checkup.
I have been reading Acts lately (& also Faith Like Potatoes) and been struck by the fact that where God's message is preached and responded to, signs, wonders & miracles testify to that. They point to God, they bring Him glory, not the messenger, they encourage others in their faith. What signs, wonders & miracles have we seen in the last year?? What signs, wonders & miracles have we asked for in the last year???
The Holy Spirit is God's Light -- how much shines through is up to us.
Will this time next year be any different?? How will I invite the Holy Spirit to fuel my light & point the way to God????


Anonymous said...

Top comments Rufus. Let's push each other to desire more and more to see God work in us and to open that door further for the Holy Spirit.

Rufus said...

Would love to see a work of the Holy Spirit in our church...
Would be cool if you told me who you are??