Monday, October 30, 2006

A meaning-full life

My goal in life is...
To live righteously, honestly & Godly in this present world.
Living righteously means that the guidelines and boundaries for my actions come from the morals I know to be true.
Living honestly means that my life lines up. I have integrity and my beliefs are acted upon, not just sitting on the shelf of head knowledge.
Living Godly means that my focus is on God's will & His kingdom.
Living in this present world, means that I am acting & responding to today's culture rather than running from it.
The only thing that I am passionate about in life is God's work. I belive that only 1 life so soon will pass, only what is done for Christ will last.
The only thing that brings any meaning to my life is teaching, & caring for others. Being hospitable and sharing our lives with those around us.
Through the absence of these has been made obvious to us that our calling and gifting is that of pastoring. We realise now with much greater clarity that we are shepherds, and our life doesnt make sense unless we are looking after sheep. That is what is missing...that is the piece of the puzzle that gives our life sense & meaning!
Wow, this is so liberating...we are shepherds...that is our job...when we do this we will have hardship, heartache & hardwork, but it is were we will find true is what we we made to do.

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